Snoring – a Cunning Plan

Steve : Way back in Pamplona we were in an albergue when an unusual snoring-related event happened.

The albergue had some 20 beds, so we expected at least 4 snorers. I think we had three and they were giving it the full treatment.

But, but… glory of glories.  The three of them were (a) snoring all at the same pitch and (b) had snorts of the same duration.  So rather than the quasi-random snorting you get with the solo snorer this trio were synchronising nicely.  One would start and just as his snort came to an end another would pitch in.  When he had finished the third started, ending just in time for the first to kick in again.

Result? We had a constant background roar.  Think of an old air-conditioning unit in a dodgy American motel.  I can sleep through that!  Easy-peasy!

So, snorers of the world.  A plea.  If you must snore in shared dormitories than please plan your trips such that groups of you, of similar pitch, always travel together and snore in symphony.  A grateful audience would surely agree….