Camino 2019

  • Day -2
    • Packing. “All I need is this ashtray, and this paddle game and this remote control”.
    • Waffle. On walking, philosophy and quantum mechanics.

Hello dear readers… Apologies for the lack of updates.

For Jen and myself this particular Camino is over, or rather, it has been redirected. On Day -1, Muriel called to say that a recent breast cancer screening had come back positive and that a quick follow-up visit had raised more concerns. She had biopsies taken and an appointment was made at Ninewells hospital in Dundee on Wednesday 18th Sept to discuss the findings.

The first flights we could get back to Edinburgh would have us home on Monday 16th. So we walked Days 1 and 2, from St Jean Pied de Port, across the Pyrenees to Roncevalles and on to Arre and Pamplona. We took the excellent Alsa bus from Pamplona to Madrid and then flew home.

The Wednesday appointment arrived and, yes, Muriel will need chemo and surgery. Muriel is an ex-nurse and is famously pragmatic and devoid of ‘fuss’ and insists that the rest of the family follow her lead. We’ll do our best.

Steve Logan, 23rd Sept 2019