Very l…o….n….g days

Muriel:  I spoke with the peregrinos this morning and they are all well and walking again after a memorable communal evening meal and breakfast with the ‘blessed’ bonus of a snore-free night.  It was their first night in a donativo (donation hostel).  They’ll no doubt tell you more when these very long days of walking ease up a little.  They are currently walking through industrial areas but the sun is shining, the locals are very generous and friendly, their packs are lighter and their spirits are good.  Please help our ME Research UK Charity to raise more money and get closer to that “breakthrough” we are all longing for by sharing this blog and/or tweets with your friends and family or maybe even your work colleagues.  Every donation helps!  Thank you so much.

Here, at home, our ME constrained lives have very different highs and lows.  A big high, for me, was enough energy to have lunch with a lifetime friend yesterday.  Delicious food, charming and friendly cafe (Comrie Croft Tea Garden ) and the always pleasure of a best pal made for a very special day for me.

Ali continues to regain his extremely limited strength at home.  He’s helped by the boundary pushing Herbie dog who is determined to make the other half of Ali’s double bed his own in spite of knowing full well that the house rules preclude such antics from a dog.  While we completely understand Herbie’s line of reasoning – cats are allowed on the bed, they are smaller and obviously less significant in the ‘family pack’ than he is, so where’s the problem?! – we know full well that if Herbie wins Ali will soon be pushed off one or other edge of the bed by Herbie’s expansion of territory behaviours.  To not be master of your own bed seems a step too far for a severe ME person!

An additional blessing in our day is that the sun is shining (yes, it does shine in Scotland!)  After a thrashing – from 3 of the 4 compass points at some or other point in the day – wind and rain storm yesterday, today has dawned with a largely clear blue sky.  Bliss!  I see a few whispy clouds creaping in over the Sma’ Glen but I’ll just ignore those and hope they go away!  If my energy looks good at any point in the day I might even get to plant out my bok choi, parsley and kohlrabi seedlings that have been ready to go out for weeks now.  Yes, I do eat my greens – as many and varied as I can find them!

Here’s hoping you have a wonder filled day too.