Day 11: Belorado to …

Up and out early, as we head for another big city, Burgos.

Llew sorts himself out
Nearly there… Ha!

Peculiar weather. There’s mist in the air in places, and clear skies elsewhere. Makes for a particularly beautiful morning.

Sunrise and contrails. The sky is full of people in silver tubes travelling very fast…

I have so many gorgeous pictures of this landscape that I struggle to choose…

Anyway, we press on, past a rave going on in a tiny village. A thoroughly surreal scene of disco balls, thumping music and tranquil countryside at 7:30am on a Sunday.

We get to Espinosa del Camino and find a terrific cafe.

We pass through more perfect landscapes….

And then it all goes a bit wrong. A few days ago I tripped on a rock and went over on my left ankle. It was sore, but I do this sort of thing quite a lot and I can usually just walk through it. Today, I was discussing the education system of Northern Ireland with a fellow peregrino, like you do, and I took another stumble on a steep downhill path, and OUCH!

The town where it all went wrong
Ankle under a plastic bag full of ice, from some nice people at a local bar.

As it happened, post taking that video, I phoned up some friends of ours, Evelin and Daniel. They used to live in Crieff, back home in Scotland, but now live in Burgos, all of 10km or so from this bus stop. Daniel came and picked us up and whisked us off to their house (when you get in a car after 11 days of walking pace it all seems very fast).

My ankle is not happy.

Evelin knows of a good physio in Burgos, so first thing tomorrow morning we shall phone them up and see if I can get an appointment and some professional advice on the wisdom of continuing.


Day 11: Stats

Belorado to Burgos (sort of)

  • Steps: 18,883
  • Distance covered: 14.6 km
  • Apple Watch stats
    • 8 ‘Flights Climbed’