1/3 of the way

Hamish: we are now roughly one third of the way through our trip having walked a mighty 271.9km! We only this morning walked into our third and final district before entering Galicia (don’t ask me the name as I have forgotten and the wifi is being unkind).

(Edit: the district in question is in fact ‘Palencia’ after having finally connected to the Albergue wifi.)

We have roughly 426k to go and we are all slowly getting better at early starts and early evenings. I admit that I am by far the slowest to learn about early starts… This morning was the second that we managed to get out and walking before the sun rose and the first that we had a rather spectacular view as the sun crested the horizon! (A sight I admit I haven’t seen for a long while).

The tiny Spanish towns are a sight to behold and every one leaves me wanting to buy up a derelict house and move in immediately! I fear I may be romanticising them somewhat. Nonethetheles, I would not be surprised if this were to happen…

Yesterday, as we wandered around the beautiful town of Castrojeriz, we came across a Silencio, something quite surreal and very beautiful. It was an empty house, filled with some beautiful photos and decorated with such care and attention. Each room was laid out precisely and the garden was well tended sporting a tranquil pond with running water, a single congregation, unlit church which had been excavated into the mountain and some unshaded seats in the garden proper for those who draw strength from direct sunlight. This silencio¬†was based around the simple rule “don’t say anything”. After many days of constant company and many many ‘hola‘ and ‘buen camino‘, it was such a peaceful change to hear no voices and sit, tranquil and cool, listening to the sound of running water.

All in all the first third of the trip has been a great success! We have been rained on, nearly lost our bag a couple of times, walked in the blistering heat and eaten more tortilla than I ever thought possible. We are still standing, and somehow smiling however, so we shall carry on and see what the next 420km brings us!

Flight Cancelled

Hamish: The first leg of our flight has been cancelled so we are still in Scotland, ready to go and trying to make a new plan!

Steve woke up at 04:30 to a message saying not to come to the airport, so we are all at least well rested. Our flight out to Biarritz is still ‘Scheduled’, so getting down to London may be our only issue! fingers crossed!

I’m keeping an eye on updates on the Heathrow page linked at the bottom, and following the british airways twitter account for updates on their service. So far not very much information has been released about their circumstances.

Other than that, all well here in sleepy Scotland, sheep are asleep in the field and birds are waking up for the day!